The Andrew Peterson Farm
Students are helping to restore the Andrew Peterson Farmstead through the Resilient Communities Project partnership with the Carver County Historical Society.   © Steve Schneider 2015

© Steve Schneider 2015

Article originally posted on the Chaska Herald website, January 7th, 2016, by Mark W. Olson


It’s been more than 160 years since noted Swedish pioneer Andrew Peterson homesteaded his farm, just east of Waconia. Now, the Carver County Historical Society has taken several steps toward turning the historic property into an interpretive site.

…[C]ollege students have been studying the farmstead as part of the Resilient Communities Project, a one-year partnership between the University of Minnesota and local Carver County groups.

Todd Grover is an adjunct assistant professor with the University of Minnesota School of Architecture and a partner with MacDonald and Mack Architects, which specializes in restoration and reuse of historic buildings. Each year, Grover’s students develop a preservation plan for a historical building. This year, the students studied the Andrew Peterson farm buildings — with special attention to the 1917 barn and the Andrew Peterson house.

The students will develop a “condition assessment” that the Historical Society can use in its planning. For instance the students will identify any structural issues with the barn and house.

“It gets fairly specific, not just ‘Repaint the barn,’” Grover said.

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Harvesting history: Plans take shape for famed farm