To learn more about these projects or discuss how to integrate a project into a UMN course or an individual student project (such as a culminating experience, capstone, master’s project, or independent study), please contact RCP staff Sarah Tschida or Mike Greco at


Building Community Resilience to Emergencies in Vulnerable Populations (PDF iconPDF)
Project Lead: Judson Freed, Emergency Management Director
Project Goal: Coordinate efforts to build overall resilience in Ramsey County communities that will enhance resilience in times of natural or human-caused disaster. Identify, gather, aggregate and validate data to develop and map a Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) of Ramsey County; identify other Ramsey County agencies that might make use of the SVI.


Culturally-Appropriate Crisis Interventions (PDF iconPDF)
Project Lead: Alyssa Conducy, Manager
Project Goal: Create a better understanding of what culturally-responsive family model care looks like that combines research and direct community feedback; identify community groups and organizations that serve under-represented populations, design and conduct listening sessions or facilitated conversations, conduct literature reviews of existing research, and recommend strategies to increase access to county services.


Youth-Continuum of Care: Learning From Others (PDF iconPDF)
Project Lead: Marcie Jefferys, Human Services Manager
Project Goal: Coordinate and comprehensively discuss, evaluate, review and prioritize efforts to improve outcomes for Ramsey County youth; research how other jurisdictions evaluate and measure outcomes and program performance to compare and contrast with Ramsey County.


Integrating Health and Justice: An Evaluation of Health Needs in Ramsey County’s Justice System (PDF iconPDF)
Project Lead: Katrina Mosser, Integrated Health and Justice Administrator
Project Goal: Obtain and analyze data from the Adult Detention Center (ADC) to gain a better understanding of the health needs of individuals at the facility, propose strategies and interventions to reduce the prevalence of unmet health needs, and improve outcomes to realize Ramsey County’s vision of a community where all are valued and thrive.


Removing Transportation Barriers to Employment Opportunities for WFS Program Participants (PDF iconPDF)
Project Lead: Elizabeth Tolzmann, Policy and Planning Director
Project Goal: Conduct a needs and barriers assessment on transportation resources through focus groups with Ramsey County Workforce Solutions (WFS) program participants and better involve businesses in the suburban Ramsey County region who face challenges in recruiting and maintaining job seekers due to a lack of public transportation options.


Stability Start with a Place to Call Home (PDF iconPDF)
Project Lead: Marcie Jefferys, Human Services Manager
Project Goal: Develop a literature review on housing stability-related initiatives external to Ramsey County and an evaluation of local housing and homelessness research. Including recommendations to align and leverage county programs with external initiatives and assistance with planning and executing a 2018 community convening on housing stability.


GIS as a Communication Tool: Designing and Developing a Construction Map (PDF iconPDF)
Project Lead: Chris Ulrich, GIS Specialist
Project Goal: Create a single application and map where the county and all cities can add and update their construction plans and progress with a public interface that allows residents to see current and planned projects.


Exploring the Use of the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program for Multi-Family Buildings (PDF iconPDF)
Project Lead: MaryLou Egan, Community and Economic Development Specialist
Project Goal: Identify barriers for residential usage of the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program, identify successful national case studies of multifamily projects that utilized PACE, and make recommendations for how PACE could be used specifically for affordable housing developments and naturally-occurring affordable housing (NOAH) in Ramsey County.


Opportunities for City and County Collaboration on Climate Resiliency (PDF iconPDF)
Project Lead: Mary T’Kach, Energy and Sustainability Planner
Project Goal: Help determine what role Ramsey County can play to help cities within the county optimize resources, leverage the work of the county and others in energy, resiliency and climate vulnerability work and accelerate results across the county. Also help identify cities within the county interested in working collaboratively with other local units of government to further their work on climate resiliency and adaptation.


Innovative Stormwater Management Practices for the Rush Line Bus Rapid Transit Project (PDF iconPDF)
Project Lead: Andrew Gitzlaff, Senior Transportation Planner
Project Goal: Analyze and provide recommendations for pursuing key partnerships, developing stormwater management techniques and establishing stormwater management principles, beyond just mitigation, to guide decisions throughout the corridor.


Making Connections: Reducing Food Waste While Improving Food Security (PDF iconPDF)
Project Lead: Rae Eden Frank, Planning Specialist
Project Goal: Research information concerning wasted food and the challenges that exist in getting it to sources where it can be distributed for human consumption; conduct interviews with local businesses and organizations to get a picture of the local landscape and identify issues specific to this region.


Evaluating the Impact of the Environmental Response Fund (ERF) in Ramsey County (PDF iconPDF)
Project Lead: MaryLou Egan, Community and Economic Development Specialist
Project Goal: Assess and evaluate the outcomes of Environmental Response Fund (ERF) funded projects post-2012 and how they compare to the proposal in the application.


Empowering Citizens to Vote (PDF iconPDF)
Project Lead: Joe Mansky, Elections Manager
Project Goal: Analyze the reasons for chronically low rates of registration and participation by young voters in Saint Paul Ward 1, Precinct 9, located in the Frogtown neighborhood; develop and implement a marketing plan to encourage more young voters to register and vote in state, city and school district elections.


Exploring Attitudes toward a Modern Streetcar Line along West 7th Street (PDF iconPDF)
Project Lead: Mike Rogers, Transit Projects Manager
Project Goal: Examine stakeholder concerns regarding the loss of on-street parking that could affect access to businesses and create parking spillover into adjacent neighborhoods to acquire a deeper understanding and assist in the process of preparing a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).


Putting Residents First: Accessibility of County Service Facilities (PDF iconPDF)
Project Lead: Max Holdhusen, Policy Analyst
Project Goal: Identify locations for effective and equitable county service facilities and explore private redevelopment of other county-owned properties.