RCP-affiliated courses allow the opportunity to apply your skills to a project identified as a high priority for advancing community sustainability. Graduate and professional students and advanced undergraduates can participate in RCP by enrolling in an RCP-affiliated course (listed below), or by connecting an individual thesis, capstone, field experience, or directed study to an RCP project. Please contact RCP program staff at rcp@umn.edu to discuss connecting your individual work to an RCP project.

Students work with city officials—and, where appropriate, other community stakeholders such as local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and local residents—to develop their projects. Because RCP courses work closely with the community to make sure the work is aligned with their needs, there is great potential for student work to be implemented.

Fall 2016 Semester Courses

EnEd 4315: Operations & Management (UMD)

ESPM 5245: Sustainable Land Use Planning and Policy

HORT 4061W: Turfgrass Management

HPER 3100: Risk Management

PA 5145: Civic Participation in Public Affairs

PA 5232: Transportation Policy, Planning, and Deployment

PA 5271: GIS: Applications in Planning and Policy Analysis

PA 5251: Strategic Planning and Management

PA 5512: Workforce and Economic Development

PA 5721: Energy and Environmental Policy

PA 8081: Master of Public Affairs Capstone

PA 8203: Neighborhood Revitalization Strategies and Theories

REC 3281: Research and Evaluation in Recreation, Park, and Leisure Studies

YOST 3032/5032: Adolescent and Youth Development for Youthworkers


Spring 2017 Semester Courses

DES 3331: Street Life Urban Design Seminar

EnEd 5325: 
Sustainability Issues Investigation (UMD)

FDSY 4101: Holistic Approaches to Improving Food Systems Sustainability

GEOG 5564: Urban GIS and Analysis

IDES 2604: Interior Design Studio IV

OLPD 5204: Designing the Adult Education Program

OLPD 5296: Field Experience in Adult Education

PA 5213: Introduction to Site Planning

PA 5261: Housing Policy

PA 5311:  Program Evaluation

PA 5712: Science to Action: All Paths

PA 8081: Planning and Public Affairs Capstone Workshop

PSY 5701: Employee Selection and Staffing

PUBH 7094: Culminating Experience, Community Health Promotion

PUBH 7194: Culminating Experience, Environmental Health

PUBH 7696: Field Experience, Maternal and Child Health

SMGT 3881W: Senior Seminar in Sport Management

SW 8551: Advanced Community Practice: Assessment, Organizing, and Advocacy

YOST 3032/5032: Adolescent and Youth Development for Youthworkers