What climate change goals set in Paris mean for Minnesota

Originally broadcast on Minnesota Public Radio News with Tom Weber, January 5, 2016

On a segment on renewable energy on MPR News, Tom Weber spoke with University of Minnesota Professor Elizabeth Wilson, who mentioned her Humphrey School class’ work investigating solar energy development in Carver County through the County's partnership with the Resilient Communities Project.

State Representative Melissa Hortman: What we see across Minnesota is especially small cities don't have the resources to answer all these questions that are coming to them now when people want to generate their own electricity....

Professor Elizabeth Wilson: Every year I teach Energy and Environmental Policy and the students make 5 minute videos on different issues...and one of the videos was on solar with Carver County, and they worked with Carver County as a client and they looked at the ordinances for siting solar. And what really struck me was how some communities want solar and they want everyone to see it, and others want to hide it so you don't see it. And so different communities have really different responses when it comes to energy technologies and how they all fit together.

The video Professor Wilson's students developed was included on the MPR News blog. Check out the students' video:

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