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Several publications recently featured the work RCP students have completed on our Carver County projects so far. The Star Tribune and Chaska Herald covered the Carver County Historical Society’s Andrew Peterson Farm project, while the Center for Transportation Studies' Catalyst took a look at the Chaska Safe Routes to School project. Professor Elizabeth Wilson made mention of the Carver County CDA’s Alternative Energy Development project on MPR News. Here are the highlights:

Star Tribune:

U students will do restoration and other work on a Waconia farmstead that inspired a famed novelist.

...At the farmstead, graduate students will work on projects including historic restoration, assessment of buildings and an archaeological analysis of how the farm has changed over time.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled,” said Wendy Petersen Biorn, Carver County Historical Society executive director. “They will save us a lot of time and money.”

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Chaska Herald:

It’s been more than 160 years since noted Swedish pioneer Andrew Peterson homesteaded his farm, just east of Waconia. Now, the Carver County Historical Society has taken several steps toward turning the historic property into an interpretive site.

…[C]ollege students have been studying the farmstead as part of the Resilient Communities Project, a one-year partnership between the University of Minnesota and local Carver County groups.

...The students will develop a “condition assessment” that the Historical Society can use in its planning. For instance the students will identify any structural issues with the barn and house.

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Catalyst (Center for Transportation Studies):

As part of a U of M course last semester, students analyzed access to an elementary and middle school complex adjacent to a busy intersection in Chaska, Minnesota, and made recommendations aimed at helping local agencies improve pedestrian safety and access around the site.

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MPR News:

State Representative Melissa Hortman: What we see across Minnesota is especially small cities don't have the resources to answer all these questions that are coming to them now when people want to generate their own electricity....

Professor Elizabeth Wilson: Every year I teach Energy and Environmental Policy and the students make 5 minute videos on different issues...and one of the videos was on solar with Carver County, and they worked with Carver County as a client and they looked at the ordinances for siting solar. And what really struck me was how some communities want solar and they want everyone to see it, and others want to hide it so you don't see it. And so different communities have really different responses when it comes to energy technologies and how they all fit together.

Listen at: http://www.mprnews.org/podcasts/tom-weber. Scroll down to “What climate change goals set in Paris mean for Minnesota.”

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