2021–2022 Partnerships

Below are some of the projects underway with our current partner communities during the 2021–2022 academic year. 

Do you have a project idea to build community resilience that could benefit from research or technical assistance? It's not too late to apply for an RCP Partnership!

Sketch of future Towerside developmentStandard RCP Partnerships

Building Equity and Economics for a Resilient Towerside (PDF iconPDF)

Project Goal: Identify how Towerside can align with potential industry and partners’ goals to guide future strategic planning and attract further investment 
Partner: Towerside Innovation District
Project Lead: Sabina Saksena, Board Director, Towerside Innovation District

PA 5211 Land Use Planning (Fall 2021) 

Image of people voting Preparing for the Future of Hennepin County Elections (PDF iconPDF)

Project Goal: Analyze voting behavior and the potential impact the 2020 election will have on future voting trends 
Partner: Hennepin County Elections 
Project Lead: Nimisha Nagalia, Elections Administrator, Hennepin County

IE 5801: Industrial and Systems Engineering Capstone Project (Fall 2021)

Improving Emergency Medical Services in Minnesota (PDF icon PDF)

EMSProject Goal: To analyze policy in order to support policy changes to improve emergency medical services in Minnesota
Partner: Minnesota State Fire Chiefs Association (MSFCA)
Project Lead: BJ Jungmann, Legislative Chair, Minnesota State Fire Chiefs Association

LAW 7606 Independent Research (Spring 2021) | Final Presentation (video)

PA 8081 Public Affairs Capstone (Summer 2021) | Final Presentation (video)

Cover of High Country Magazine expose on history and economics of land-grant universitiesTowards Recognition and University-Tribal Healing (TRUTH): A Strategic Analysis of the Morrill Land Grab in Minnesota (PDF iconPDF)

Project Goal: To provide an economic analysis of lands that were not willingly ceded under the Morrill Act 
Partner: University of Minnesota American Indian Tribal Nations Relations
Project Lead: Tadd Johnson, Esq., Senior Director of American Indian Tribal Nations Relations, University of Minnesota 

RCP Fellows Team (Fall 2021)

Image of a transit rider getting on a busUnderstanding the History and Evolution of Transit System Governance in the Twin Cities Region (PDF iconPDF)

Project Goal: To provide current and future stakeholders with key information related to the timeline and history of transit governance in the Twin Cities region
Partner: SouthWest Transit
Project Lead: Matt Fyten, Chief Operations Officer, SouthWest Transit

PA 5232: Transportation Policy, Planning and Deployment (Fall 2021)

Cover of Legislative Auditor's report on Twin Cities regional transit governanceAssessing the Effectiveness of Transit System Governance Policy and Planning in the Twin Cities Region (PDF iconPDF)

Project Goal: To assess the effectiveness of transit system governance and planning in the Twin Cities region
Partner: SouthWest Transit
Project LeadMatt Fyten, Chief Operations Officer, SouthWest Transit

PA 5232: Transportation Poilcy, Planning and Deployment (Fall 2021)

Sketch of plan for Railroad Park in Wyoming, MNEngaging Community to Design Railroad Park

Project Goal: To identify community stories and perspectives to guide the design of Railroad Park
Partner: City of Wyoming
Project Lead: Kelly Dumais, Assistant City Administrator, City of Wyoming 



Comprehensive Plan Implementation Partnerships 

Thrive MSP 2040 logoIn collaboration with the Metropolitan Council, RCP is partnering this year with four Twin Cities metropolitan area communities on projects that seek to implement one or more elements of an adopted 2040 comprehensive plan. 

Learn more about these projects >>

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