RCP Fellows Program

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What is the RCP Fellows Program?

The Resilient Communities Project (RCP) Fellows Program partners with local government agencies in Minnesota on research and technical assistance projects that help to advance community sustainability, livability, and resilience.

Through the program, interdisciplinary teams of graduate/professional students and postdocs at the U of MN collaborate directly with local government staff on a high-priority project. Projects can cover a wide range of issues that impact community resilience--from housing, transportation, and economic development to climate adaptation, health equity, and environmental stewardship. Team members have an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to a real-world project, while our partner agencies benefit from the insights provided by a multidisciplinary team. 

Project cycles occur three times per year, starting in January, May, and September, and typically last 12 weeks. Participation on a team is unpaid; however, volunteers are selected through a competitive process. No previous consulting experience is required, and applications from all fields and disciplines are encouraged. 


Team members are selected through a competitive process, and must be

  • current University of Minnesota postdocs, graduate, or professional students;
  • enrolled with active status and in good academic standing (for professional or graduate students); and 
  • willing and able to commit a minimum of five (5) hours per week to the project

What projects are available?

Fall Semester 2021 (September–December) Projects:

Towards Recognition and University-Tribal Healing (TRUTH): A Strategic Analysis of the Morrill Land Grab in Minnesota

RCP Fellows will partner with the University of Minnesota's American Indian Tribal Nations Relations Office to provide an economic analysis of the value of lands that were not willingly ceded under the Morrill Act of 1862. This research will help to build a shared truth within the University that acknowledges the harms inflicted on Indigenous people so that redress may occur. The research will also provide an economic analysis that can serve as the foundation for systems change within the University and Tribal Relations. Students with economics or forensic accounting skills are especially encouraged to apply. Research will be done remotely and group meetings will take place via Zoom. Applications must be received by Monday, September 6. To apply, simply fill out an application

Project cycles occur three times per year to coincide with the fall, spring, and summer academic terms at the U of MN. Available projects are generally announced in August (for fall semester), December (for spring semester), and May (for summer term). Please check back here to see what projects are on tap for next term, or sign up to receive future notices.

How can I learn more about the RCP Fellows Program?

If you have questions about the program or are unsure about your eligibility to participate, please contact RCP at rcp@umn.edu.

To learn more about upcoming project cycles, sign up to receive future notices.

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