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Photo of APA Conference Presentation

RCP collaborations were the focus of recent presentations at two local conferences.

In late September, the RCP–City of Ramsey partnership was highlighted during a session at the Upper Midwest Regional Planning Conference in Rochester, MN. RCP Director Mike Greco was joined by Humphrey School of Public Affairs faculty Fernando Burga and Dan Milz, Humphrey School student Liz Engels Morice, and Ramsey Community Development Director Tim Gladhill to explore the topic, Making Planning Legible, Making Learning Practical. The presentation focused on how nearly 20 applied planning projects leveraged a mutually beneficial partnership between Humphrey School planning courses and the City of Ramsey to create new opportunities for the City to engage its residents while offering students a meaningful professional experience.  

In early October, Greco teamed with Citizens League Policy Director Angelica Klebsch, who coordinated the RCP–Brooklyn Park partnership on behalf of the city, to facilitate a roundtable discussion at the Engaged Scholarship Consortium, hosted by the University of Minnesota. The pair introduced the Educational Partnerships for Innovation in Communities (EPIC) model of community-university engagement on which RCP is based, focusing on how such partnerships can collaboratively advance local initiatives that improve quality of life while providing students hands-on experience with real projects.

 APA Conference Graphic

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