RCP Seeks Faculty Partners for Spring 2019 Term!

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Teaching a UMN course this spring? Consider incorporating an experiential learning opportunity into your graduate or professional-level class by partnering with RCP! We're seeking to match nearly 30 projects with our partner communities, Scott County and Ramsey County.

RCP facilitates 15- to 18-month partnerships between the U of MN and communities in Minnesota. Through the program, students and faculty from across the University collaborate with local government partners to address the partner’s self-defined research and technical assistance needs through course-based projects. The collaboration results in on-the-ground impact and momentum for a community working toward a more livable, resilient, and sustainable future, and provides students and faculty with ready-made applied and experiential learning opportunities.

This year's projects with Scott County and Ramsey County focus on a range of sustainability and resiliency topics, including investivating self-serve libraries, planting edible landscapes, planning for autonomous vehicles, strenthening collaboration on climate resilience, increasing voter participation, providing more affordable housing, and more. 

Our partner communities are seeking student collaboration on a variety of deliverables, including: 

  • best practices and case studies from peer communities
  • culturally responsive approaches to delivering services to residents
  • GIS mapping and analysis
  • program evaluation 
  • qualitative and quantitatice data collection and analysis

RCP staff are happy to help identify projects that may be of interest to you and your students, and that fit your course curriculum and assignments.

Contact rcp@umn.edu to get started, or check out our Faculty FAQ page to learn what is involved in collaborating with RCP or the RCP Faculty Directory to find colleagues at the U of MN who have partnered with RCP in the past.

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