Reserving a Zipcar

In cases where public transit is not feasible or available, students may need a vehicle for RCP project-related trips. For students who do not have access to a personal vehicle, RCP will pay for a ZipCar rental for such trips. Remember that eligible personal expenses incurred through RCP projects, such as trips made with a personal vehicle, are reimbursable. If you choose to use a ZipCar, vehicles are available at several locations near the U of MN Minneapolis campuses. 

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To Request a Zipcar Account:

1. Visit
2. Select “Join with an organization” > “I want to join my company’s existing account”
3. Search for “University of Minnesota” and select “University of Minnesota - Center for Urban & Regional Affairs” from the search results.
4. Click the orange “Select” button (should appear under the words “The administrator of this account must give the thumbs up.”
5. Follow the prompts to create your account. NOTE: You must be at least 18 years of age and will need a valid driver’s license to complete this step.
6. Important: After you sign up, send an email with the subject line “RCP student Zipcar request” to (with a cc to asking that your account signup be authorized. The email should include your name and telephone number (in case we need to contact you for more information). This will alert our account administrator that she needs to confirm you on the UMN – CURA account. If you skip this step, your signup will not be authorized.

Once you hear from ZipCar that your account application has been approved, you can visit to reserve a vehicle.

On the reservation page, under “Account to Bill,” you will be able to select “University of Minnesota - Center for Urban and Regional Affairs.”

To Reserve a Zipcar Vehicle:

After you have selected a vehicle, you will be taken to the confirmation screen for your reservation. In the field called “Reservation Memo,” Please enter RCP, followed by a brief explanation for the trip (e.g., “Trip to Carver County for YOUR NAME to meet with project lead THEIR NAME at LOCATION AND ADDRESS, in conjunction with an RCP project in HIST 4321”).

Screenshot of Zipcar Memo Screen

Important Note: If you want to use this ZipCar account for personal trips, you must set up another payment option with your own personal credit card information. To set up another payment option, login to your Zipcar account and select “My Stuff” > “My Account” from the pulldown menus (or visit  You can enter your personal credit card information by selecting “edit” in the “My Payment Information” section. If you make unauthorized personal trips and charge them to the U of MN – CURA account, your ZipCar account will be revoked and you will be billed through your U of MN Student Account for all unauthorized charges you have incurred.Screenshot of Zipcar Reservation Screen

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