Schedule your RCP Proposal Development Workshop!

RCP Proposal Development Workshop

Is your community interested in submitting a proposal for a Large-Scale RCP Partnership but not sure how to get started? Contact us at to schedule an RCP Proposal Development Workshop! 

During this interactive workshop, you can expect to: 

  • participate in facilitated conversations and activities to illuminate projects to be included in an RCP partnership proposal
  • develop a working definition of community resilience
  • dain inspiration and ideas from past partnerships and projects 
  • dave all of your RCP partnership questions answered
  • leave with an application timeline and solid next steps to submit your RCP partnership proposal 

The RCP Proposal Development Workshop is designed to bring together interested staff, elected officials, and other stakeholders in your community to explore ideas for potential projects. We recommend groups of 5–15 individuals to allow for multiple perspectives and ideas. 

Our workshops are 2.5 hours long but can be customized to meet your needs. We recommend scheduling your workshop before the end of January 2020 to allow enough time to take your findings and translate them into a Large-Scale RCP Partnership proposal by the March 16, 2020 deadline

We’ve also added a new feature to our website with suggestions for ways to creatively identify potential projects for a Resilient Communities Project partnership. Visit Selecting Projects for an RCP Partnership for ideas!


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