RCP-Affiliated Courses

Photo of students sampling water

Students taking dissolved oxygen measurements downstream of Watertown dam. Credit: Zeinab Takbiri, 2015

RCP-affiliated courses provide students the opportunity to apply skills to a project identified as a high priority for advancing community resiliency and sustainability. Graduate, professional, and advanced undergraduate students can participate in RCP by enrolling in an RCP-affiliated course (listed below), or by connecting an individual thesis, capstone, field experience, culminating experience, internship, or directed study to an RCP project.

Students work with local government staff—and, where appropriate, other community stakeholders such as local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and residents—to develop their projects. Because RCP courses work closely with the community to make sure the work is aligned with their needs, there is great potential for student work to be implemented. Contact RCP staff at rcp@umn.edu to discuss connecting your individual work to an RCP project!

Fall Semester 2018 Courses

Economic Development Fellows Consulting Program
ESPM 5245: Sustainable Land Use Planning & Policy
GIS 5574: Web GIS and Services
GIS 5578: GIS Programming
LAW 7606: Law Independent Research
OLPD 5201: Strategies for Teaching Adults 
PA 5211: Land Use Planning 
PA 5311: Program Evaluation
PA 5512: Workforce & Economic Development
PA 5721: Energy Systems & Policy
POL 1914: Generation Now: Young Adult Political Action in America    
PUBH 7994: Culminating Experience

Spring Semester 2019 Courses

ARCH 3250: Community Design Studio
DES 3331: Street Life Urban Design Seminar
FRIT 3850: Community/Media/Activism
FScN 4732: Food and Nutrition Management
FSOS 4294: Research Internship
GEOG 5564: Urban Geographic Information Science and Analysis
HSG 4461: Housing Development and Management
ISyE Senior Design Project
LIS 7700Management of Libraries and Information Centers (St. Catherine University)
OLPD 5696: Internship: Human Resource Development 
PA 5041: Qualitative Methods
PA 5113: State and Local Public Finance
PA 5162: Public Service Redesign Workshop
PA 5261: Housing Policy
PA 8081: Evaluating Homelessness Policy Capstone Workshop
PA 8081: Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy Capstone Workshop 
PA 8081: Election Administration Capstone Workshop
PA 8081: Education Policy and Reform Capstone Workshop
PA 8081: Planning and Public Policy Capstone Workshop
PA 8991: Independent Research
Sociology Independent Research 
SUST 4004: Sustainable Communities Capstone
SW 8352: Intervention Methods with Families

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