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During the 2019–2020 academic year, RCP partnered with Scott County, St. Anthony Village, Ramsey, Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA), and the League of Minnesota Cities on 7 projects. You can learn more about individual projects below. Also available is an archive of news items about this year's partnerships and projects.

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Scott County: Strengthening Community Engagement to Move Public Health Equity Data to Action

Project Goal: Engage a broad and diverse range of county residents to support a community-led initiative around healthy eating and physical activity (Project Brief)

Partner: Scott County

Project Lead: Lindsay Aijala, Scott County Public Health Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP) Coordinator

PA 5041: Qualitative Methods (Instructor: Dr. Greta Friedemann-Sanchez) Fall 2019 | Final Report

PA 8081: Public Engagement Capstone (Instructor: Lisa Barajas) Spring 2020 | Final Report | Final Presentation

Scott County: Creating Mobility Hubs to Connect Transportation Modes

Project Goal: Envision the design of suburban mobility hubs, using the Marschall Road Transit Station in Shakopee as an example case (Project Brief)

Partner: Scott County

Project Lead: Alan Herrmann, SmartLink Transit Supervisor

PA 5211: Land Use Planning (Instructor: Dr. Fernando Burga) Fall 2019 | 

PA 8991: Independent Study (Instructor: Dr. Fernando Burga) Spring 2020 | Final Presentation

St. Anthony Village: Driving Toward an Electric Future—Policy and Research for Electric Vehicles

Project Goal: Explore the feasibility of an electric vehicle–charging infrastructure network and multimodal transportation system in St. Anthony Village using community feedback, education, and case-study research (Project Brief)

Partner: City of St. Anthony Village

Project Lead: Jay Hartman, Public Works Director

PA 8991: Independent Study (Student: Kim Napoline, Faculty Adviser: Frank Douma) Fall 2019 | Final Report

Ramsey: Seeking a Sustainable Model to Fund the Maintenance and Reconstruction of Local Roads

Project Goal: Identify alternatives for providing a stable and sustainable funding source for local road maintenance and reconstruction projects, informed by case-study and best-practices analysis of comparable cold-climate cities in Minnesota and other states (Project Brief)

Partner: City of Ramsey

Project Lead: Kurt Ulrich, City Administrator

PA 5041: Qualitative Methods (Instructor: Dr. Greta Friedemann-Sanchez) | Spring 2020  Final Report | Final Presentation

Minneapolis Public Housing Authority: Evaluating Stable Homes, Stable Schools

Project Goal: Evaluate the effectiveness of the Stable Homes, Stable Schools pilot program (Project Brief)

Partner: Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA)

Project Lead: Alyssa Erickson, Director of Research & Analytics

No public report available

League of Minnesota Cities: Responding to the Opioid Epidemic in Minnesota

Researching the National Response

Project Goal: Research how cities in other states have developed formal programs and partnership to address the opioid epidemic and develop recommendations and best practices to be included in an online Opioid Toolkit (Project Brief)

Partner: League of Minnesota Cities

Project Lead: Luke Fischer, Deputy Director and Patricia Beety, General Counsel

PA 8081: Planning and Public Affairs Capstone (Instructor: Dr. Greg Lindsay) Spring 2020 | Final Report | Final Presentation

Researching the Statewide Response

Project Goal: Identify cities in Minnesota that have developed formal programs, partnerships, policies, or ordinances to address the opioid epidemic and develop recommendations and best practices to be included in an online Opioid Toolkit (Project Brief)

Partner: League of Minnesota Cities

Project Leads: RAchel Walker, Policy Analysis Manager and Luke Fischer, Deputy Director

RCP Fellows Team: Spring 2020 | Final Report | Final Presentation

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