Faculty working with students at Cedar Creek

RCP offers faculty an opportunity to integrate a meaningful community-based sustainability project into their courses. Faculty can connect an entire course (i.e., a capstone, lab, or design studio) or an existing class project assignment within a course to a real-world project identified by our partner community. RCP staff help facilitate the connection between faculty members and their courses, and the project needs identified by the partner community. View a list of faculty who have previously partnered with RCP.

For faculty, RCP provides:

  • Access to a community partner that has identified live projects that are core to local or regional priorities;
  • Project scoping and facilitation between the faculty member and city project lead;
  • Logistical support, data transfer, and reimbursement for project expenses to support the course project; and
  • Opportunities for faculty and students to highlight and share their work on resilience and sustainability.

RCP was catalyzed by, and is an initiative of, the Sustainability Faculty Network, a grassroots organization of faculty interested in advancing opportunities for sustainability education at the University of Minnesota. RCP receives financial and in-kind support from the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) and the Institute on the Environment (IonE).