Comprehensive Plan Implementation Partnerships

Drawing of a city skyline with "2040" and "Thrive MSP" written

The Resilient Communities Project has partnered with the Metropolitan Council each year since 2019 to offer research and technical assistance to Twin Cities metro area communities in support of projects that enhance community resilience, advance equity, and implement one or more elements of a locally adopted comprehensive plan. The projects supported under these year-long collaborations are described below

For selected projects, RCP also adapted student work to create toolkits, surveys, and other resources for use by communities throughout the Twin Cities metro area. Short descriptions and links to these resources can be found below.


Community Resources

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Community Resources

Urban Tree Canopy Planning Resources

Workforce Development and Employment

Supporting Local Businesses during Times of Crisis

  • Local Business Interview Guide: An interview guide for assessing the needs of your business community during times of crisis. Although developed for use during the COVID-19 pandemic, the questions can easily be adapted for use during other types of crises, such as a natural disaster or a major economic downturn.


2022-2023 Projects

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2022-2023 Projects

Edina: Developing Tools to Inform Water Resource Management

Project Goal: To identify areas where stormwater infiltration is both technically feasible and protective of the community’s drinking water source (Project Brief)

Partner: City of Edina

Project Lead: Jessica Wilson, Water Resources Coordinator, City of Edina

Course Matches

CEGE 4103W: Capstone Design for Environmental Engineering (Spring 2022) | Final Report (coming soon) | Presentation (video) > 

Washington County: Planning for the Future of Natural Resource Land Management

Project Goal: To explore the advantages and disadvantages of active land management and passive land management approaches (Project Brief)

Partner: Washington County

Project Lead: Connor Schaefer, Public Works Planner, Washington County


Capstone: Master of Professional Studies in Horticulture (fall 2022) | Final Report and Poster

Capstone II: Master of Professional Studies in Horticulture (fall 2023) | Final report coming soon!

Washington County: Policy Planning for Electric Vehicles

Project Goal: To create policy recommendations to ensure Washington County is EV-ready (Project Brief)

Partner: Washington County

Project Lead: Sarah Allen, Planner, Washington County

Course Matches

PA 8991: Transportation Policy Independent Study (spring 2022) | Final Report (coming soon) | Presentation (video) > 

Ramsey County: Inclusive, Iterative Engagement in Pursuit of Climate Resilience

Project Goal: To assist with community engagement focused on identifying services to address the health impacts of changing climate on Ramsey County’s most vulnerable residents (Project Brief)

Partner: Ramsey County

Project Lead: Abigail Phillips, Climate and Health Planner, Saint Paul–Ramsey County Public Health


RCP Scholars Team (fall 2022) | Report coming soon 

PA 5145: Civic Engagement in Public Affairs (spring 2023) | Final Student Report (poster-format)

Ramsey County: Internal Capacity Building at the Intersection of Health, Resilience and Racial Equity

Project Goal: Identify County employee training needs and develop appropriate training resources to better promote health, resilience, and racial equity in County efforts to prepare for and address climate change impacts (Project Brief)

Partner: Ramsey County

Project Lead: Abigail Phillips, Climate and Health Planner, Saint Paul–Ramsey County Public Health


PA 8081: MURP Capstone (spring 2023) | Final Student Report 

HRIR 6801: Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations Experiential Learning Capstone (fall 2023) | Report coming soon!


2021-2022 Projects

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2021-2022 Projects

Maplewood: Developing a Single-Family Housing Rehabilitation Program

Project Goal: To identify best practices to create a program that offers affordable, owner-occupied, single-family homes (Project Brief)

Partner: City of Maplewood

Project Lead: Jeff Thomson, Community Development Director, City of Maplewood

Course Matches

PA 5261: Housing Policy (Spring 2022) | Final Report | Presentation (video) > 

PA 8081: Public Affairs Capstone (Summer 2022) | Final Report and Presentation 

Washington County: Improving Access to County Parks

Project Goal: To find ways to reduce barriers and increase park participation among underrepresented parks users (Project Brief)

Partner: Washington County

Project Lead: Connor Schaefer, Public Works Planner, Washington County

Course Matches

PA 5041: Qualitative Methods for Policy Analysts (spring 2022)

BIPOC Communities Team: Final Report (coming soon) | Presentation (video) >
Seniors Team: Final Report (coming soon) | Presentation (video) > 

Little Canada: Creating and Sustaining Equity through Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Public Transit Connectivity

Project Goal: To identify strategies to improve and enhance the equity, accessibility, connectivity, and safety of pedestrian, bicycle, and public transit pathways (Project Brief)

Partner: City of Little Canada

Project Lead: Corrin Wendell, Director of Community Development & Planning, City of Little Canada

Course Matches

PA 8081: Urban Planning Capstone (spring 2022) | Final Report (coming soon) | Presentation (video) > 


2020-2021 Projects

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2020-2021 Projects

Carver County: Identifying Future Transit Needs

A biker loads his bike onto the front of a city bus

Project Goal: To determine the current unmet transit needs and demands and to predict transit needs of the future based on the growth, demographic shifts and commuting changes faced by the County. (Project Brief)

Partner: Carver County

Project Lead: Adriana Atcheson, Planner, Carver County Planning & Water Management

PA 5311 Program Evaluation: Fall 2020 | Final Report | Final Presentation (video)

ISyE Senior Design Project: Spring 2021 | Final Report Final Presentation (video)

Minnetonka: Planning for Land Use & Economic Development Post-COVID-19

Image of a man working with multiple papers at a table with "Planning for Post-COVID" printed over the image

Project Goal: To identify land use, zoning ordinance, and economic development changes the City should consider changing to effectively plan for a future pandemic. (Project Brief)

Partner: City of Minnetonka

Project Lead: Drew Ingvalson, Planner, City of Minnetonka

PA 5041 Qualitative Methods for Policy Analysts: Fall 2020 | Final Report | Final Presentation (video)

PA 8081 Planning & Public Affairs Capstone: Spring 2021 Final Report | Final Presentation (video)

St. Paul: Maximizing Employment Assets—Connecting the Workforce with Job-Rich Sectors

An inudstrial worker wearing protective gear works on his trade

Project Goal: To identify traditional and emerging economic sectors that Saint Paul should target for growth and recruitment in order to maximize well‐paid jobs for Saint Paul residents and inform strategies for establishing strong connections between Saint Paul employers and residents. (Project Brief)

Partner: City of Saint Paul 

Project Lead: Michael Richardson, Senior City Planner, City of Saint Paul, Department of Planning and Economic Development

PA 5041 Qualitative Methods for Policy Analysts: Fall 2020 | Final Report | Final Presentation (video)

Woodbury: Enhancing the Urban Tree Canopy

Aerial view of houses and trees in Woodbury

Project Goal: To equitably increase the tree canopy coverage, update the approved tree species list, and help educate and engage residents on the importance of trees to promote environmental stewardship. (Project Brief)

Partner: City of Woodbury

Project Lead: Kristin Seaman, Environmental Resources Specialist, City of Woodbury

PA 8081 Public Participation Capstone: Spring 2021 Final Report | Final Presentation (video)

FNRM 4501 / 5501 Urban Forest Management: Managing Greenspaces for People: Spring 2021 Final Report | Final Presentation (video)