Applying for a Comprehensive Plan Implementation Partnership

Minneapolis skyline
Drawing of a city skyline with "2040" and "Thrive MSP" written

The Resilient Communities Project (RCP), in partnership with the Metropolitan Council, is now accepting a second round of proposals from townships, cities, and counties located in the seven-county Twin Cities metropolitan area for our Comprehensive Plan Implementation Partnerships during the 2022–2023 academic year (June 2022–August 2023). 

This special call for proposals is intended for local government agencies seeking to collaborate with the University of Minnesota on projects that build community resilience, advance equity, and implement elements of a locally adopted 2040 comprehensive plan.

Successful applicants will benefit from research and technical assistance provided by graduate and professional students and faculty at the University of Minnesota, from a variety of departments and disciplines. The selection process is competitive, and successful applicants must support the effort through dedicated staff time and a modest local financial contribution.

Deadline for Proposals: August 15, 2022 

How to Apply

For complete application information, download our Comprehensive Plan Implementation Partnership application packet.  

Zoning map for Thrive Mpls

Who Is Eligible: Local government agencies (township, city, and county) located in the seven-county Twin Cities metropolitan area. To be eligible, communities must be within the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Council. (For communities outside the Twin Cities metro area, consider applying for a Standard RCP Partnership.)

Program Cost: For projects proposed and accepted under this special call for proposals, the Metropolitan Council will provide matching funds to offset the cost of participation in the RCP program. The local financial contribution for selected communities is $2,000 per project, with a $5,000 per-project match from the Metropolitan Council. This guarantees that each project will be matched with up to two (2) University of Minnesota graduate or professional courses or independent student teams, as well as supplemental assistance to document project outcomes, facilitate peer learning, and translate project findings and recommendations for broader use. 

Deadline for Proposals: August 15, 2022. Communities selected for participation will be notified in September 2022. Proposals must be submitted by email as a single PDF file to [email protected].

RCP staff are available to help with development of your proposal at any stage—from introducing the RCP program and model to your staff, elected officials, and other stakeholders to helping brainstorm ideas for projects. Contact [email protected] to get started!

Benefits of an RCP Partnership

  • A high rate of return on investment, with hundreds of hours of concentrated student work on your projects
  • Data analysis, case studies, concept plans, and policy recommendations that can energize staff, spark community and staff discussions, and get “stuck” projects moving again
  • Expanded breadth of conversations around projects, issues, and solutions—students can explore and innovate in directions unavailable to staff or consultants due to constrained project budgets or political feasibility
  • New opportunities for community residents and stakeholders to become involved in locally driven conversations
  • A network of students and faculty serving as informal ambassadors for your agency and community—sharing their experiences through conference presentations, community meetings, job interviews, and informal conversations
  • Access to an interdisciplinary group of faculty and students with knowledge of innovative and cutting-edge research and practice on sustainability, equity, and resilience
  • Opportunities to foster next-generation local government professionals by mentoring and collaborating with interested and engaged students

Application Resources

  • Want to learn more about how RCP works? Schedule an informational presentation. RCP staff are available to explain the program to your agency's staff or elected officials. 
  • Have a question about RCP, or want to discuss a project idea? Contact us to schedule a one-on-one meeting via Zoom or in person.  
  • Need assistance developing your proposal? Schedule an RCP Proposal Development Workshop. The workshop is a good fit for agencies that would like focused, one-on-one assistance developing a proposal for RCP.

Contact Mike Greco, RCP Director, at [email protected] to learn more or discuss how we can customize our program to meet your needs!