2022–2023 Partnerships

During the 2022–2023 academic year, RCP is partnering with cities, counties, and local-government–serving organizations on numerous projects through Standard RCP Partnerships and Comprehensive Plan Implementation Partnerships

Does your local government agency have a project idea to build community resilience that could benefit from research or technical assistance? It's not too late to apply for an RCP Partnership!

Standard RCP Partnerships

RCP is currently partnering with the MnDOT Office of Transit and Active Transportation, Ramsey County Public Health, the Cities of Edina and Bloomington, the League of Minnesota Cities, and the Metropolitan Council on projects to advance community sustainability, equity, and resilience. You can learn more about the projects below.

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MnDOT: Exploring Shared-Mobility Public-Private Partnerships

Evie Carsharing

Project Goal: Create a public-private partnerships (P3) guide for shared-mobility services to increase public sector knowledge of these types of agreements, and ultimately increase shared-mobility options for Minnesotans. (Project Brief)

Partner: Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), Office of Transit and Active Transportation

Project Lead: Elliott McFadden, Greater Minnesota Shared Mobility Program Coordinator, MnDOT 


PA 8081: Public Policy Capstone (summer 2022) | Final Report and Presentation

RCP Scholars Team (fall 2022) | Final Report

Edina: Feasibility of Electric Car Sharing in a Suburban Environment

Project Goal: To assess the feasibility of an electric car sharing program in a suburban community to improve access and mobility. (Project Brief)

Partner: City of Edina

Project Lead: Grace Hancock, Sustainability Manager, City of Edina


RCP Scholars Team (fall 2022) | Final Report

PA 5253: Transportation Planning, Policy, and Development (fall 2022) | Team Equity Final Report and Presentation  | Team Connectivity Final Report and Presentation | Team Best Practices Final Report and Presentation

PA 8081: Transportation Planning Capstone (spring 2023)

League of Minnesota Cities: Supporting Cities in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work

Project Goal: To assist Minnesota cities with their diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives by identifying barriers to implementation and action. (Project Brief)

Partner: League of Minnesota Cities (LMC)

Project Lead: Rachel Walker, Policy Analysis Manager, League of Minnesota Cities


RCP Scholars Team (fall 2022)

Metropolitan Council: Keeping Our Cool: Extreme Heat Update and Assessment

Project Goal: To assist the Metropolitan Council in updating its extreme heat tool to include narratives that document extreme heat impacts on public health and natural systems, and demonstrate the equity and human health considerations related to extreme heat events. (Project Brief available soon) 

Partner: Metropolitan Council of the Twin Cities

Project Lead: Ellen Esch, Senior Data Scientist, Metropolitan Council Community Development


PA 8081: MURP Capstone (spring 2023)

Bloomington: Development Impact Analysis

Project Goal: To provide the City of Bloomington with a return-on-investment evaluation of several recent developments and current land-use types in the community by comparing the value added in human and financial terms vs. the future cost to the public to service such development. (Project Brief available soon) 

Partner: City of Bloomington, Planning Division and Housing Redevelopment Authority 

Project Lead: Nick Johnson, Senior Planner, CIty of Bloomington


PA 8081: MURP Capstone (spring 2023)

Bloomington: Measurement Matters—Equity-Driven Evaluation Methods to Support Strategic Plan Implementation

Project Goal: To provide the City of Bloomington recommendations for equity-focused evaluation strategies that can provide ongoing assessment of the City's community engagement efforts. (Project Brief available soon) 

Partner: City of Bloomington, Community Outreach and Engagement Division

Project Lead: Laura Bohen, Manager, Community Outreach and Engagement Division, CIty of Bloomington


PA 8081: MURP Capstone (spring 2023)

Bloomington: Recruitment and Retention of BIPOC Millennial Workforce in Local Government

Project Goal: To identify strategies and best practices for recruiting and retaining a diverse millennial workforce within the City of Bloomington. (Project Brief available soon) 

Partner: City of Bloomington, Office of Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (OREIB)

Project LeadPa Dao Yang, Equity and Inclusion Program Specialist, City of Bloomington

Matches: Project launch spring 2023

Bloomington: Enhancing and Expanding Election Staff Recruitment

Project Goal: To identify innovative strategies for recruiting, training, and retaining a diverse pool of election judges and other temporary elections staff to serve at Bloomington's election-day polling places and the City's early voting center. (Project Brief available soon) 

Partner: City of Bloomington, City Clerk's Office

Project LeadChristina Scipioni, City Clerk, City of Bloomington

Matches: Project launch spring 2023


Comprehensive Plan Implementation Partnerships

Drawing of a city skyline with "2040" and "Thrive MSP" written

In collaboration with the Metropolitan Council, RCP is partnering with the City of Edina and Washington and Ramsey Counties on five projects that seek to enhance community resilience, advance equity, and implement one or more elements of a locally adopted comprehensive plan.

Learn more about these projects