2014–2015 Partner: Rosemount

Photo of Rosemount

RCP’s community partner for the 2014-2015 academic year was the City of Rosemount, located in Dakota County. Today Rosemount is a rapidly developing outer-ring suburb located only 15 miles from the Twin Cities, but the city has a long, rich history and retains a small-town atmosphere. Settled by Scottish and Irish immigrants in the early 1850s, Rosemount organized as a township in 1858 and was incorporated as a city in 1974. During World War II, nearly 15% of Rosemount's land area was acquired by the federal government as the site for an ordnance works plant that operated for only a few months before the war ended. Today, that land is owned by the University of Minnesota and is known as UMore Park, the proposed site of a future sustainable community. With a land area of nearly 36 square miles, Rosemount is home to industry, commerce, agriculture, and a rapidly growing residential community. With its population expected to double by 2040, Rosemount faces both challenges and opportunities in the coming decades as it strives to become a more sustainable and resilient community.

RCP partnered with Rosemount on 29 projects that engaged more than 400 students in dozens of courses from across the University of Minnesota. You can view a summary of the partnership and projects, visit the Rosemount Projects page to learn more about individual projects, or download the RCP-Rosemount Partnership Annual Report.

RCP–Rosemount Partnership in the News:

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